Anchovies from Cantabrian Sea,on a Parmesan Tart with Fresh Tomato Pulp   12,90

Italian Burrata (Creamy Mozzarella) Salad, Mezclum Salad, Nuts, Basil and Kalamata Olives   12,90

Mi-Cuit of Foie Gras Homemade,“Aestivium” Truffle, Exotic Salts, Tomato Marmalade 13,50

“Ceviche” of Wild Sea Bass, Lime Oil, Tomato and Japanese Onion   15,90

Cured Iberian Ham from “Guijuelo”“4 years Reserve”   21,90

King Prawns and Avocato Salad, Tomato and Marinated Red Onion with Citric Vinaigrette   14,50

Ciabatta Bread with Tomato, Virgin Olive Oil   3,50



Seafood and Fish Soup “All Cremat” (Caramelized Garlic) and Roasted Toast with Mild Garlic Mayonnaise   12,90

Fried Egg, Confit of Ceps, Foie Poêle, Ratte Potatoes, Gravy Reduction   13,90

Ravioli Stuffed with Foie, Morel’s Sauce 14,50

Galician Octopus, Potatoes in Textures (Creamy, Crispy and Roasted), Oil with “La Vera” Mild Paprika   15,90

Grilled Small Squids with Caramelized Onion, Infused Coal Oil, Chive Mayonnaise 14,90

Dublin Bay Prawns au Gratin, Red Pepper Mousseline 17,90

Fry of King Prawns and Small Squids, Romesco and All i Oli Sauces 15,90



Shellfish Paella (King Prawns, Small Squids and Mussels)  17,95

Paella “Tot Pelat” (Peeled) of Fish and Seafood (King Prawns, Monkfish, Small Squids,Cuttlefish and Mussels)  19,90

Juicy Rice with Lobster and Baby Squids Legs 23,50

(Rice: Minimum 2 People. Preparation Time 30′ Approximately. Indicated Price is per Person)



Icelandic Salmon Cooked at Low Temperature, Creamy Idiazabal Cheese, Sliced Bacon   16,90

Tuna Tartar, Pressed Avocado, Sesame Oil and Soy, Cassava Chips   18,50

Confit Dry Salted Cod, Grilledwith Mild “All i Oli”and Honey, Spinach`s Parmentier, Green Asparagus   19,50

Grilled Scallops, Sea Urchin Emulsion, Asparagus, Shallots and Iberian Ham 22,90

Monkfish in a Stock of Seafood, Prawns and Shallots, Grilled with Green Garlic Mayonnaise  22,90

Wild Sea Bass in Fennel’s Sauce, Sautéed of Fennel Bulb, Bacon and Purple Potato   24,80

Steamed Lobster,Cut and Sautéed in Prawn Oil, Bouquet of Greens  26,50



Cannelloni of Three Meats,Truffle Bechamel, Meat´s Gravy Reduction  17,90

Presa Ibérica (Tender Cut of Iberian Pork), on Puff Pastry, Caramelized Apples, Gravy,Berries, Sweet Potato Chips  18,50

Steak Tartar “100% Beef Sirloin”, Mascarpone with Mustard Seeds, Pont Neuf Potatoes  19,90

Tender Loin Veal Steak Stilton Cheese & Mushroom Sauce, Confit Potatoes, “Padrón” Small Peppers   20,90

Boneless Iberian Suckling Pork, Baked 12 Hours, Shallots, Apple Purée, Textures of Apple  22,50

Rib Eye Steak onthe Bone (1/2 Kg.) Roasted Potatoes and Vegetables   24,90

Beef Sirloin with Grilled Foie Gras, Potatoes and Sautéed Vegetables  24,90



Coconut Sorbet, Passion Fruit Cream, Streusel Cookie Crumb  5,90

Our Cheesecake, Cream Cheese, Compote of Berries, Crisp Crumbed Biscuit  6,50

Mango and Passion Fruit Ice-Cream, Chocolate Soufflé Sao Tomé 74%, Cocoa Sablé  5,95

Texture of Chocolate Sacher (Mousse, Cream, Biscuit, Cookie), Mint of Orange Reduction   7,40

Crepes of “Crema Catalana”, Lemon Coulis and Berries  5,90

Chocolate Soup, with Fruits, Cocoa Croutons and Balsamic Reduction   6,50


Bread Service 1,95 € per person (Please advise if you don´t want it)

Prices with 10% VAT INCLUDED


Additional 5% Charge on Terrace

RESERVATIONS: +34 93 894 10 86